Pleasant Library and Book Club (PLBC)

is a non-profit and non-political organization that provides solutions, services and supports to addressing socioeconomic issues in Katsina State. It is a philanthropic intervention aimed to build a better and empowered society in Katsina state in line with 21st century civilization. Community service is the core value of the PLBC.

PLBC is aimed to achieve the following:

1.   To initiate and implement projects and programmes that help enhance the educational competitiveness of Katsina State.

2.   To identify major socio-economic issues in the state and offer contemporary solutions to addressing them.

3.   To facilitate access to library for the under privileged and those in need.

4.   To assist people in having free access to library, research and reading materials.

5.   To provide education assistance to the people.

6.   To provide health-care facilities, guidance on healthy lifestyle, and counseling.

7.   To inspire and empower young people to be self reliant and better informed.

8.   To achieve a better informed society.