KATSINA FORUM 3: Public Round Table Discussion on Equal Access to Right and Quality Education.

The Pleasant Library and Book Club wishes to announce the 3rd Edition of Katsina Forum, which will be a round table discussion on the topic: Ensuring Equal Access to Right and Quality Education.


There is positive relationship between development and right education. Providing the right education requires inclusive participation, flexibility, and innovation. No matter how quality is the education, if it is not the right education, it will not serve the purpose. Right education is the one that prepare people to acquire the relevant and functional education that make them fit into the challenges of society, and once you have the right education, then you can ask the question of its quality. Therefore, right education enables students to acquire what will directly improve their capability and be able to apply it. Students should have options and independent choices on the right education for them.

More than half a century, educational system has not change significantly, but realities, expectations, challenges and opportunities have dramatically changed. Individuals differ in the way they comprehend stuffs, but the system of education as claimed by some is not inclusive. Learning has now become more beyond the classrooms. Knoweldge and ideas are the source of economic growth. Skills based education suitable for modern civilisation is required for 21st century sustainable development. Right and quality education at foundation level is the basis for development of education in society. Mode of education and language of communication can play significant role in determining the quality of education. How, when and from whom people choose to learn is significant on how educated they may be. Equal access to quality and right education is a right to everyone, and the social cost of lack of it surpass the cost of providing it.

Economic status of a person shall not play role in determining the quality of education he/she acquires. Women education is the key to educating the entire society. To promote the right and quality education, society should recognise and reward skills and abilities more than certificates. How educational budgets can be judiciously used to promote quality education optimally, including for those that do not go to School. Informal educational systems can also be explored to ensure equal access to education. Harmonisation of Religious and Modern education can help improve wider access to right and quality education. Teacher remunerations at primary and school levels may also affect quality education. These and many other perspectives will be explored and discussed at Katsina Forum 3 with a view to identify the education gaps and its solutions. If you want to contribute, listen, learn and help in developing a strategic roadmap and framework for quality education, then you are invited to the Katsina Forum 3.


The Katsina Forum 3 will be presented in a unique way to allow for more inputs and contribution from every participant. In this series, participants will lead in the discussion on various topics and interest around the Topic: Ensuring Equal Access to Right and Quality Education.

The PLBC having started working on promoting quality education will break the iceberg with a brief presentation title: GETTING EDUCATION RIGHT FOR EVERY KTS CHILD/STUDENT

Then, Participants will collectively draw specific dimensions around the topic, and breakout to thematic groups to discuss the specific challenges and gaps in specific themes, and propose solutions that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound. Each group will be appointed with a facilitator, but not necessary to be the one to present on behalf of the group.

The groups will report back to the general table, and their findings will be further reviewed and adopted by the general house. A technical committee will be set up among participants to harmonise the findings of the groups.

Output of the Forum:

At the end of the Forum, a comprehensive framework/roadmap to achieving equal access to quality education will be produced, and will be shared among the public and policy makers for further action and consideration. This will also form part of the Katsina Forum annual compendium.

Date, Venue and Time:

Sunday, 26th February 2017, Dallatu Hall, Soli Centre, Katsina, by 10:00 Prompt (No African Time)

You are all invited, your little or big idea is very important. You may also learn from others. Please invite others too.

Special Invitations:


All Teachers and their union leaders

Principals and Head Masters

All Stakeholders, Interest Groups and Individuals



Dr. Ahmed Adamu,

Coordinator of Katsina Forum,

Director General of Pleasant Library and Book Club,




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